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Legislative Actions

H.R. 9 - “Climate Action Now Act” (yea)

This bill seeks to force the United States to adhere to the disastrous economic and energy policies in the Paris Climate Accords. And worse yet, statists in BOTH parties in Congress see passage of this bill as a downpayment on their plans to ram through a new Cap and Tax scheme. —No Constitutional Authority.

H.J. Res 23 - Proposed constitutional Amendment to allow 16 year old children to vote in elections. (co-sponsor)

An arguably irresponsible action by the Federal Government since the immaturity of an average 16 year old typically under the guardianship of a parent could be argued. Democrats typically favor this idea since schools today are see teachers weaving “left-leaning” ideology within the curriculum.

H.R. 1643 - Prep assistance program (co-sponsor)

A bill allowing states to apply for tax dollars for a program giving money via grants for a “HIV prevention drug” used by those actively engaged in homosexual intercourse. — No Constitutional Authority.

H.R. 40 - Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans (co-sponsor)

A bill appropriating $12 million dollars to establish a commission in order to study how “America can appropriately apologize for the enslavement of Africans during the time slavery was lawful in the U.S.”

H.R. 1571 - Debt-free college act 2019 (Co-sponsor)

To raise taxes in order to fund the tuition of “certain students” upon the approval of Pell grant submission. State-Federal program would appropriate $84 Billion in fiscal year 2020, and “any sums as may be necessary for fiscal year 2021-2030”

H.R. 1384 - Medicare for all act 2019 (Co-sponsor)

Massive Federal expansion of the Medicare program.


Michigan 13th District representative in Congress, Rashida Tlaib has come under fire from members of both political party’s and the residents of the District for some of her premature comments and tweets about impeaching President Trump, and for her intrusive government policy positions supporting socialism since she has assumed public office.

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