Detroit set to vote on stealing your privacy

Just as Detroit police commissioner, Willie Burton (District 5) was being dragged out and arrested from last evenings commissioners meeting, it became known that the board would vote on whether or not to implement facial recognition cameras all over the city—essentially monitoring everyone.

Despite their excuses for strictly wanted to apprehend criminals and to “keep us safe”, does anyone really believe that government never abuses power and authority?

Proponents have all but shamed anyone expressing concerns over the potential abuses including racial profiling, political targeting, biometric abuses, central date collection and breaches, and an increasingly authoritarian police state. Control over the people by its government should be of great concern to everyone.

One cannot help by to see the parallels between George Orwell’s book, “1984” and today’s political environment. What may seem benevolent today, could incrementally turn disastrous tomorrow.

To be clear, those who point to the privacy we have given up today from social media to credit cards and the manner in which we conduct commerce is that our right to privacy is the difference between what we voluntarily share, and what government forcibly takes.

The next board of police commissioners meeting will be held next Thursday July 18th. 3pm at the Detroit Police headquarters. Residents are encouraged to attend and voice your opposition.

UPDATE; State Rep. Issac Robinson (District 4) has introduced legislation banning facial recognition temporarily to determine the ramifications of the use of the technology.

Contact your State Rep and demand they defend our privacy choices permanently.

david dudenhoefer