Socialists clashing with socialists at Motor City Pride Festival

Few people outside of those attending the Motor City Pride Festival or who happened to watch the newscast that evening knew of a clash between demonstrators both in support and opposed to the theme of the festival in Detroit.

What was even more striking was that both groups self-identify as “socialist”.

The white nationalists who marched the streets just outside of the festival identify themselves as the “National Socialist Movement”, while the other group, whom identify as “Antifa” are anti-fascists, pro-socialist and pro-communist.

The commonality between both sides is that they see people only in terms of a group and fail to recognize the individual as those of us in the liberty movement do.

This blog is not intended to identify origins of hatred, only to point out the irony in the attachment to an ideology which some view as an answer to our problems, and a solution to a better governance and aan improved economy.

However, what this repeated vile behavior should clearly demonstrate is that ideologies rooted in the group mentality are not fruitful ideas for the future, but rather rotting ideological corpses from the past.

Violence towards any individual must be rejected by society, while at the same time an uprising in the understanding that the higher form of rights to be protected and cherished are those of the sovereign individual.

Socialism is quite clearly failing society as demonstrated again at a peaceful festival.

david dudenhoefer