$2 trillion in new debt? Both party's spending America into financial oblivion

Since The House Budget Committee put forward a bill to increase discretionary spending caps by $358 billion over the next two years, House leadership met with the President on Monday in which both sides appeared poised to reach a deal.

Not only would this increase be twice as expensive as eliminating the discretionary sequester and bring base discretionary spending to record levels (on an inflation-adjusted basis), but it would expand deficits by roughly $2 trillion over the next decade.

The idea of instituting a $.29 cent Federal gas tax increase does not even pay a 1/3 of this debt increase, so how will they pay for this new spending--they won't.

It seems that few the D.C. swamp are actually willing to cut anything real. Perhaps just small cuts off of the annual increases, but no real cuts in government waste. This should anger every American.

Compounding our debt burden are outlandish proposals from the new socialists like 13th District Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez from N.Y. Take for example the cavalier attitude they share of "paying" for the New Green Deal by simply instructing the Federal Reserve to print the money.

Rational thinking people understand that printing money from nothing will further our debt enslavement to future generations, weaken the economy, and it represents a hidden tax which will be saddled on the backs of our children and grandchildren.

This reckless attitude towards money, spending and debt should automatically disqualify a person from public service, yet this irresponsible approach to government is becoming more pervasive to all our detriment.

Until the dominate mentality of Washington is to confine spending to Constitutional levels, reinstate a sound monetary system, and that the liberty of the individual should be defended, the swamp will continue to deepen.

david dudenhoefer