Whitmer looks to gouge Michigan drivers at the pump

Lacking any sort of deference to Michigan taxpayers, Governor Whitmer proposes what members of the political class devoid of creativity do, she suggests yet another tax hike in her budget proposal.

Whitmer’s tax hike revisits the Michigan gas pumps, as “fuel tax increase 2.0” is sent to Lansing legislators.

Predictably, newly elected MIGOP Chair, Laura Cox denounced the idea in a statement released.


However, Cox’s statement begs the question as to whether or not she is suffering from her own selective amnesia. While she correctly points out that Michigan drivers endured a gas tax gouging by the GOP led legislature in 2015, she forgot that she herself voted for both the $10 million dollar special election and the aforementioned fuel tax increase.


Michigan drivers are already paying the 6th highest rates on fuel at the pump in the nation. Lansing legislators have yet to address the poor quality of materials used in the paving or repairing of our roads as newly constructed roads are getting less than 10 years despite taxes spread over 25 years to pay.

Let us hope the GOP led legislature demonstrates conservatism…and a spine. Contact your legislator today, and demand that they do what we must do, and learn to budget.

Michigan House >> http://house.michigan.gov/MHRPublic/frmFindaRep.aspx

Michigan Senate>> http://senate.michigan.gov/fysbyaddress.html

david dudenhoefer