Does Wayne County intend to include undocumented individuals in the 2020 Census?

During the State of the County address last week, Warren Evens made some rather divisive remarks and almost scoffing at residents who have serious concerns over border security insinuating that they are “racists”.

Immediately following his thoughts of counting “those hiding”, he spoke of immigration, was he alluding counting undocumented persons in order to “get more federal dollars” and add undocumented residents to the voting rolls?

Attached is a video of his comment for you to digest.

The power does not lie in our “diversity” as Commissioner Evens spoke of, rather our power does lie in our liberty which government is supposed to defend. The liberty message is all inclusive and does not divide; it unites regardless of age, color, gender or economic status.

On the other hand, too many public servants in government propose policies which grant favor to a collective, and therefore divides us as individuals-- this attitude in government creates animus, and too often leads to hate, which can lead to violence.

Commissioner Evans comments are quite extraordinary when you consider the possibilities of what he and others in public service are willing to do to get those “Federal dollars”.