All murders are anti-faith

The most recent attack on a Mosque in New Zealand in 50 precious lives were savagely ended and other Mosque attacked have the attention of news networks, and has people talking, as it should.

Oddly, less covered by the mainstream media were the murders in northern Nigeria of Christians.. At least 32 people were killed in a Muslim Fulani herder attack on a Christian area of north-central Nigeria on February 26th.

The early morning assault on villages in and around Maro, in Kajuru County of Kaduna state, came after a Feb. 10 herdsmen attack on Angwan Barde, in the same county, that killed 10 Catholic Christians along with an unborn child.

Each of these senseless murders should be condemned, murder should outrage us, murder should have us all talking about the preciousness of life, and murder should be recognized for what it is, an act of violence by one human being against another.

What murder should not have us doing is pitting people against each other over politics, faith, or placing an varying assigned value on human life over our faith, color of skin, gender, or economic status. Murder is murder, each life is singular and precious.

Today, it sadly appears that each time a senseless act of violence occurs, superficial identifiers are pointed out first, followed by the usual “thoughts and prayers”, then the predictable political haggling over guns.

Perhaps we are better off simply respecting one another as individuals, both in daily life and in law. Just think of how the framers of our nation viewed laws as being written to protect the liberty of the individual. Today, a great many laws seem to grant favor and privilege as pre-assigned values based on group identity dominate the attitudes towards one another.

Why is there mass attention and outrage over an attack on individuals of one faith, but little attention is paid to an attack on individuals over another faith?

Why do laws hand down varying degrees of punishment based on the color of ones skin, ones gender or some other superficial identifier rather than viewing each individual life as being equal?

As laws are carelessly passed at times to grant favor rather than to defend liberties as individuals, we may gain some insight as to the extreme animus they create by certain unstable individuals whom become incensed over what they may interpret as having less value over others.

One thing is without doubt, murder is an act of violence which by any rationale is anti-faith,

“Thou shall not kill.”.