Tlaib's racial obsession is divisive

13th District Representative in Congress, Rashida Tlaib has once again squandered an opportunity to represent our district in a positive way by engaging in divisive race baiting with one of her colleagues.

On Wednesday during the Michael Cohen hearing, Tlaib used her time to needlessly go after (R) Mark Meadows over what she called, “using a woman of color as a prop” Meadows promptly rebuked this insinuation by Tlaib, and Chairman of the Oversight Committee Elijah Cummings called her out on the awkward moment.

The next day, the woman in question, Lynn Patton appeared on Fox News to clear up why she appeared before congress, and to repudiate Rep. Tlaib for using her time to perpetuate her racial divisiveness.


For Rep. Tlaib this is yet another example of a pattern of her obsession with race , gender and religion.

The 13th congressional District does not oppose Tlaib over any superficial reasons, we oppose her divisive nature including race, and her support of socialist policies which by nature are also divisive.

The quote below from Dr. Ron Paul should help shed light on a sensitive subject, the implication is that Tlaib’s behavior is consistent with that of a collectivist. We believe our District can and must do better, we need a uniter, not a divider. Join us in our efforts to #REPLACErashida.

david dudenhoefer