The end result of all forms of socialism

What much of the mainstream media and those in serving in our government who promote the fallacies of so-called “democratic socialism” are desperately trying to avoid is the subject of Venezuela.

But as the country continues to collapse we are seeing the realities of human suffering under socialist/communist regimes. Youtube Venezuela and you can find videos from humans being transported in animal control trucks because the bus system has stopped, people shopping who are fighting over rotten meat, to this disturbing video of teens grabbing whatever they can to eat…out of garbage trucks.

Please share this video with those who consider democratic socialism and answer to our corrupted government.

The truth is that replacing one form of abusive bloated government with a bigger form of abusive bloated government is no answer. Controlling forms of government such as socialism relies on force. We will get much farther through persuasion because our solutions can never be found in divisive forms of government force, but rather in the unifying message of liberty.

Once people have had enough, they will reclaim their control as masters over their servant government. It will occur as a movement, it will affect every corner of the country. Once Americans decide that our dishonest monetary system should be restored by an honest system based on our productivity and labor, Once they decide that our government officials should no longer be serving for decades, once they decide laws should defend the liberty of the individual over the privileges of collective groups over another, once they decide that endless wars of aggression should no longer be an option, we can begin to restore the greatness our founder envisioned.

Printed money and taxation are theft, and government is force, once this is clearly understood and the abuse of both are rejected by everyday Americans we can begin to heal as a nation. When the truth of free market capitalism eclipses the misnomers pushed by those who prefer the control mechanisims of corporatism and cronyism from the right, and on the same plane, the socialism/communism pushed by some on the left, people may once again realize true prosperity.

Ultimately our destiny will be up to us, but eating out of garbage trucks must never be an option if we can at all help it.