Reflections from MIGOP State Convention, and a focus for our 13th District

This past weekend Michigan republicans elected new leadership ahead of the upcoming 2020 elections.

In addition to State Party leadership, delegates to convention chose their District leadership team, and I would like to congratulate the newly elected team here in our 13th congressional district. Christal Smith who will return as our Vice-Chair, Phil Griglio and Faith Forbush to round out our executive team. Additionally, I would like to thank the team for its vote of confidence in re electing me as their chairman.

A huge congratulations to Tyrell Bundy of Detroit who was elected to serve as our party’s outreach Vice-Chair, Tyrell is the first elected party leader at the state level from the 13th Congressional District. I know he will work hard and represent us well.


Since taking the task of leading the District, I have committed to maintaining a sense of principle and integrity, and I will continue to do so as we establish new connections, and relationships within the 12 communities of the District while expanding on the unifying message of liberty.

I would also like to thank long time grassroots leader, Gina Barr on her run for MIGOP Chair.

Originally, I had advised her not to do so. My shortsighted rationale at the time was that “the good ‘ol boys network” had already chosen its leader, and she would do little more than to lend credibility to a corrupted system were leaders are selected in backroom deals for us, rather than emanating from the members.

But I was wrong, Gina in her loss, exposed many people within our party’s upper echelon to see their true colors. From the RNC Chairwoman openly campaigning on the convention floor for Laura Cox, and discouraging donors from contributing to the Barr campaign, to Cox campaign manager Stu Sandler “strong arming” certain county and district chairs into supporting Cox or the support from State Party would be reduced, to the racial undertones with some of the messaging to not support Gina Barr for Chairwoman. Each of these issues I could openly hear walking on the convention floor Saturday.

I was shocked and appalled at the pubic hit job perpetrated by those within and around the Cox team against Gina Barr. The newly elected Chairwoman turned what should have been a non race into a race and needlessly attacked Gina, a loyal friend to the party and its members.

Most people well understand the nature of politics, what should also be understood is the contrast between going after your opponent for inexperience or a voting record, as opposed to personal attacks, defamation and outright lies in order to win your election.

Additionally, the Cox team emails laying blame on our party losses in the last election at the feet of the staff at State Party went over like a lead balloon, further demonstrating a lack of leadership. Cox herself ran an aloof campaign while Gina worked hard and listened to the members.

Our party is now being led by someone who personifies all that our party is criticized for, this is not a recipe for growth or victory in 2020, evident by the lack of participation visible on the convention floor.

I am also concerned about our youth being exposed to the type of nefarious behavior from the Cox team, or how to explain that not all of us within the party represent or condone this behavior and that they should remain. One of my focuses will be to grow our party with a powerful youth movement committed to principle, integrity and civil liberties.

One thing is for certain, good people should never vote for evil, under any circumstances. I cannot in good conscious support evil doers, nor those whom make excuses for them or their actions in order to climb the political ladder, or out of fear of losing elections.

Looking ahead, my commitment and focus as Chairman will be solely on developing the 13th District based on a traditional message of individual liberty, personal freedom and a strict adherence the rule of law It has become clear that strengthening the district will be up to us, the members and activists locally to grow Detroit/Wayne county and to offer a rational alternative from the socialist wave hitting the nation.

The leadership at State Party led by someone who sought little more than a participation trophy and used whatever means necessary to obtain her prize cannot be the face offering our residents an alternative, our local committee and its members must be that face and that presence,

Our plans include an inclusive dialog with our fellow activists whom identify as democrats and libertarians. We will chose one issue to focus on, and our proposed open forum will be solution based. We intend to reach out to our local businesses and residents alike to cultivate relationships, and candidates for public service who will be committed our cause. .

There is more to come, so stay tuned and thank you again. There is much to be done to transform the 3rd poorest District in the nation into one of the most prosperous—and our solution will be found in the message of liberty.

-Chairman Dude