Tlaib offers up what she criticizes

Just as the left-wing media, politicians, and celebrity activists were licking their woods from rushing to judgement on both the Covington Catholic School boys incident and the phony Buzzfeed story concerning the Mueller investigation, last week yet another phony story caused hysteria and rushed judgement.

What now appears to be a self-concocted story by actor, Jussie Smollett who claimed that a few “MAGA” hat wearing thugs beat him because he was gay and black, also claiming they shouted “This is MAGA county, get out!” Within hours, the left-wing media, activists, and members of the political class such as Michigan’s 13th District representative, Rashida Tlaib, were quick to pass judgement.

Within days, this story was reveled as a probable hoax perpetrated by what now appears to be a deeply disturbed individual who actually paid two men to beat him, and gave them money to purchase rope to create a noose to add to the effect he was trying to create.

If proven true, it should be obvious that Mr. Smollett has problems rationally thinking people cannot relate to, what is equally disturbing is the reaction from people in positions of power and influence such as Rep. Tlaib.

Tlaib not only rushed to judgement, but herself contributed to what she often criticizes, stereotyping and fanning the fire of hatred by associating this so-called “hate crime” with republicans.

Tweeting out support over a “potential” victim of crime is one thing, but assigning blame without evidence is just not only irresponsible, but demonstrates a pattern of behavior going back to her days in the State legislature as a showboat, a problem seeker, not a problem solver. This choice of messaging also demonstrates bitterness, an inability to unify, and a lack of leadership.

Perhaps Rep. Tlaib should focus on lifting the 3rd poorest district in the country and work to represent the entire District rather than contributing to the divisiveness she criticizes.