Why we should oppose the “New Green Scam”

Just as freshman N.Y. Rep. Ocasio-Cortez rolled out her anticipated “Green New Deal”, questions surrounding the lack of details quickly became the larger story.

Cortez, the latest darling of the climate crowd, unveiled her resolution, which in layman’s terms amounts to a future legislative wish list.

Within the vague proposal are some broad stroke ideas on how people can function more efficiently as a society, while striving for a cleaner environment.

While few rationally thinking people would deny that improving society and our planet is good thing, here is the reality of the proposed pathway, and why you should reject it flatly;

Regardless of where you stand on the political sphere, and whether it was the “New Deal”, “Great Society”, or this latest bureaucratic hatched vision, the “Green New Deal”, all of it requires the force of government through edict and ultimately the theft of our production, labor and savings in order to implement.

People do not liked to be forced into something, either by having their hard earned money stolen from them through taxation, or facing penalties for a failure to comply. Force creates fear, resentment and worse, it divides people.

By her own words in a recent interview with Chuck Todd of NBC, Cortez had this to say when asked about how this vision would be financed, “What we are trying to do is to release the investments from the Federal government to mobilize across the country.” “It could come through a public authority or public private partnerships”. She went on to criticize tax cuts, and implied that “investments for infrastructure would result in a return”.

First a reality check, the purpose of government is to defend the liberty of every individual, while granted a finite list of privileges granted by the people. Absent among these privileges is the ability to steal money from its people (taxes) to form unelected and unaccountable bureaucracies (authorities), or to enter into business with the people money such as the case with P-3’s (public private partnerships).

Secondly, we have all bore witness to the ineptness of government to pick and chose winners and losers which is what socialists on the left and corporatists on the right have done with our money, the freshest example in people’s minds would be the Solyndra “green energy’ debacle under the Obama administration which cost American taxpayers as much as $2.2 billion in lost money. How many homeless could have been feed, clothed and housed for that money?

Here in Michigan’s 13th Congressional District, this latest government green scam is supported by Rashida Tlaib.

Today’s garden variety socialist will wrongly lay blame of economic inequality on “free market capitalism”, but since at least 1913 when democrat President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law we have not had a true free market, nor has true capitalism.

They fail to realize that it was socialistic ideas such as a fiat monetary system of printed money, a government managed economy, and a resulting need for more programs such as Medicaid, Medicare, Obama-care, Social Security, and even today’s warfare/welfare state has pushed our nation to the brink, so more socialism with a new name will never provide answers.

There is a solution to advance technology, clean energy production, an efficient society which protects our most precious commodities, preserves our air, water and our forests, but that will come through private innovation of a free people.

Once government gets out of the way while serving its people as it was intended by preserving the foundation of our economy, an honest monetary system, free markets, and the enforcement of contract law and property rights, we can begin to evolve past the stagnation of today’s micro-managed economy.

We could evolve our needs and desires through persuasion, not force. Collectivism in all of its ugly forms including so called “democratic socialism” relies upon the force of governemnt.

We live in a republic governed by the rule of law, not a democracy (the rule of the majority), nor at the whims of a few who hold public office pushing the fad of the day.

Individuals who serve in public office through the trust and vote of their constituents would be wise to lead people into liberty, rather than to scare them into socialism.

For this reason, this raw deal should be renamed the “New Green Scam.”

Call your representative in congress to reject the Green Scam resolution introduced by Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and supported here in the 13th Congressional District by Rashida Tlaib. Constituents should demand a lawful Constitutional government from both political parties, allow innovators to freely innovate and let the people choose.

There is a better option for the best life we can live, it is the liberty movement which welcomes and unifies every individual, it does not divide, and it does not require the force of government, the theft of our labor nor punishment for our savings in order to succeed.

We can each have peace and prosperity while protecting our environment by advancing liberty.