A Solution to End Future Government Shutdowns

The people are hungry for less partisanship, and more solutions.

Case in point, the latest D.C. blame game of the partial federal government shutdown.  Many Americans feel this shutdown is more about the usual ginning up of the voter base and less about a spending budget.

However, there are a few statesman in government and one is Kentucky Senator Rand Paul who has introduced a Senate bill to end future shutdowns permanently. Known as "The Government Shutdown Prevention Act", this bill would incentivize members of the legislature to pass a budget and keep government fully functional. 

While this does not eliminate government wasteful spending which we should continue to force government to pass balanced budgets under strict Constitutional spending, this is a good first step to eliminate the excuses offered by partisans on both sides of the political isle, and force them to do their jobs. 

Contact your Michigan Senators and your Representative in congress if you would like to support this effort. 

Sen. Stabenow (202)224-4822 

Sen. Peters (202)224-6221

Rep. Tlaib (202)225-5126