Wayne County, 13th District Republicans Denounce Rep. Tlaib’s Gutter Language

“Wayne County, 13th District Republicans denounce Rep. Tlaib’s gutter language and irresponsible tone beginning the new 116 Congress.”

January 7, 2019

Detroit, Michigan – Voters within the 13th Congressional District are troubled with the continued digression of public discourse by their elected public servants, and they demand a public apology from Rep. Tlaib for her inflammatory comments last week. Residents further demand a refocus on public policy advancing their liberties and strengthening their communities.

Newly sworn-in Representative in Congress, Rashida Tlaib, representing Michigan’s 13th Congressional District recently gained national attention from comments she made concerning President Trump by stating she would, “go in there and impeach the motherf***er.”

Rep. Tlaib went further by doubling down on her comment in an interview with WDIV news stating, “President Trump has met his match”, and she went on to state that, “I grew up in the city of Detroit -- born and raised. We say colorful things in interesting ways.” The residents of the District beg to differ with Rep. Tlaib, her choice of vernacular is nether colorful, nor interesting.

Language and tone are critical to building successful working relationships within the legislature. Irrational and inflammatory comments suggesting “impeachment” without proof of a high crime or misdemeanor, along with the use of distasteful language in a public forum especially where children are referenced or present paints Rep. Tlaib as a hypocrite, and irresponsible.

The members the 13th Congressional District Republican Committee demand a formal apology from Rep. Tlaib over the following;

1. For her premature call of impeachment of the President of the United States prior to the completion of due process, and with no evidence of a high crime or misdemeanor according to our Constitution to which Rep. Tlaib swore an oath to uphold.

2. For her irresponsible use of distasteful language and thoughtless choice of self-expression in a public forum unbecoming of a public servant, where she referenced her own children—and who may have been present-- within the comment.

After being deprived of representation for more than 9 months following a separate scandal by former Representative in Congress, John Conyers who retired in disgrace, the more than 700 thousand residents making up the 12 communities with the 13th Congressional District deserve better than this from their public servants. Residents are encouraged to contact Rep. Tlaib’s office to express their concerns. Rep. Tlaib can be reached at her Washington D.C. office (202)225-5126. Our Republican leadership team will continue to condemn poor representation by public servants regardless of their affiliations, and we will work to promote supportive public policies which will strengthen our communities while adhering to the principles and values of our great nation.

David A. Dudenhoefer

Michigan 13th District Republican Chairman 13cdrc@gmail.com


david dudenhoefer