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At the core of our nation’s problems is the ability for government through the Federal Reserve banking system to print money out of nothing!

Our monetary system is predicated upon the creation and expansion of continuous debt, and this system has only served the bankers, government and those who get the use the money first.  The more money that is printed out of sync with production and labor, the more it is devalued.  The result is an increasingly worthless currency which hurts the workers of our nation by robbing from laborers and punishing those who try to save.

We must restore an honest monetary system tied to the labor and production of “We the People”.  This simple act will once again help restore the people as masters over their servant government, since government spending would be restrained.  

A full audit of the Federal Reserve banking system, a private bank,  will serve as the first step to expose one of the greatest frauds ever committed by a government against its people. 

This issue will be one of the main focuses of our District until it has passed both chambers of the legislative branch and signed into law by the Executive branch.

This televised debate between a representative of the Federal reserve bank and a critique of the FED exposes why the Fed should audited, and ended.

House of Representatives

- H.R. 24 (Rep. Massie) 69 co-sponsors as of 4-5-2019


-S. 148 (Sen. Rand Paul) 8 co-sponsors as of 4-5-2019


Please call your Representative in Congress and both Senators to co-sponsor this “clean bill to audit the Federal Reserve Bank

Representative Tlaib  - (202)225-5126

Senator Stabenow – (202)224-4822

Senator Peters – (202)224-6221