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Simply put: our mission is to replace bad leaders with good leaders. How do we do that? The first step is getting involved. The members of the 13th District are ordinary citizens: pastors, teachers, factory workers, stay-at-home mothers, small business owners, etc. Everyday people can change the world if they’re armed with knowledge and participate in the process.

Here in the 13th District, our goal is to keep our activists informed on key issues that would impact our individual liberty, events that should be attended, and the activities of our elected officials.

We support our Constitution and the Bill of rights, and we want to hold elected leaders accountable to both.

Furthermore, we understand that the antidote for the corporatism of some on the right, and progressivism or so-called “democratic socialism” of some on the left is the unifying message of liberty including sound money, free markets, privacy and property rights, protecting contracts, and a strict adherence to the rule of law.

During today’s times of instablity and uncertainty created by bloated overreaching government, we reject scaring people into socialism, rather we choose to lead them into liberty!

You can get start by becoming a precinct delegate / attending our meetings. You can find out about how to do both here. -Chairman Dude


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