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Simply put: our mission is to replace bad leaders with good leaders. How do we do that? The first step is getting involved. The members of the 13th District are ordinary citizens: pastors, teachers, factory workers, stay-at-home mothers, small business owners, etc. Everyday people can change the world if they’re armed with knowledge and participate in the process.

Here in the 13th District, our goal is to keep our activists informed on key issues that would impact our individual liberty, events that should be attended, and the activities of our elected officials.

We support our Constitution and the Bill of rights, and we want to hold elected leaders accountable to both.

Furthermore, we understand that the antidote for the corporatism of some on the right, and progressivism or so-called “democratic socialism” of some on the left is the unifying message of liberty including sound money, free markets, privacy and property rights, protecting contracts, and a strict adherence to the rule of law.

During today’s times of instablity and uncertainty created by bloated overreaching government, we reject scaring people into socialism, rather we choose to lead them into liberty!

You can get start by becoming a precinct delegate / attending our meetings. You can find out about how to do both here. -Chairman Dude


BYlaws of the 13th congressional District Republican Committee

Article I – Name

This committee shall be known as, The 13th Congressional District Republican Committee, also

known as the 13th CDRC, and referred to as the District Committee.

Article II – Purpose

The purpose of this committee shall be to perform all duties delegated by law, or state party rules,

and such other duties not prohibited by law, or state party rules, as will benefit the general welfare of the

Republican Party in The 13th Congressional District of the State of Michigan; to coordinate the affairs and

business of the 13th CDRC; to adopt bylaws by which the Committee shall be governed; and to work

closely in cooperation with other Republican committees, groups, organizations, and other like-minded

organizations; to recruit, develop, and support, candidates for public office; who without exception, will

demonstrate fidelity to both the Constitution of the United States and the State of Michigan, and commit

themselves to the defense of life, liberty, and property; and who will commit to the reduction of taxation

to the lowest possible level in accordance with the Constitution of the United States.

Article III – Members

1. Qualification–Each member of the District Committee shall be a duly elected Precinct Delegate

within the 13th Congressional District.

2. Members of the District Committee of the 13th CDRC, in accordance with State Party rules,

shall consist of: a fifteen (15) member board; four (4) officers--Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer;

and six (6) members of State Committee.

In addition, members shall consist of nine (9) members of the Wayne County Republican Committee

(WCRC) as voted during convention (this section is subject to revision based upon modifications made to

the bylaws of the WCRC); as well as any duly elected Precinct Delegates who become a “member in good

standing” as defined in Section 3.

All members shall be voted on during the odd-numbered State Convention every two (2) years.

Under no circumstance shall one (1) member have more than one (1) vote.

3. Member in Good Standing–For a Precinct Delegate to become a member in good standing,

and therefore a member of the District Committee, that member shall be an active member of one of

three (3) sub-committees of the District;

(a) Candidate Recruitment/Development;

(b) Events/Fundraising;

(c) Community Engagement;

and meet the attendance requirements as determined under Article III Section 7.

A Precinct Delegate must attend three (3) consecutive District Committee meetings, unless excused,

to become a Member in good standing.

4. All members of the District Committee, that are elected during the convention, shall also be

bound by the requirement of participation in one of the three (3) sub-committees outlined in Article III

Section 3.

5. Vacancy–A vacancy on the District Committee shall occur whenever that person moves their

residency outside the boundaries of the congressional District; dies; resigns; fails to meet the attendance

requirements of the District, as outlined in Section 7; fails to participate in one of the three (3) subcommittees;

or is removed for cause (being extremely detrimental to the purpose clause set for the

above); by a vote of 2/3 of the members of the District Committee then present and voting on the issue.

6. Filling Vacancy–If a vacancy in any office of the District occurs, the chair shall notify the

District Committee members via email/phone/first class mail and the District Committee shall nominate

one or more candidates to fill the vacancy at the next regular meeting, following the notification of the

vacancy. The vacancy shall be filled by election, by simple majority of the District Committee of those

present and voting at the next regular meeting, following the notification of the vacancy. If more than one

(1) nominee is nominated, the voting shall be by secret ballot. The newly elected person shall serve out

the remainder of the term.

7. Attendance–Any member of the District Committee missing three (3) consecutive unexcused

District Committee meetings, or fails to participate in at least one (1) of the three (3) sub-committees of

the District, shall relinquish his/her position on the District Committee.

A vacancy will be declared and the position filled pursuant to the vacancy provisions contained in

these bylaws. An excused absence is one where the member contacts any Officer of the District Committee

before the meeting to seek an excused absence.

8. Dues are set at $15 Federal Reserve Notes per calendar year for voting members.

9. Communication Requirement–Members shall provide accurate contact information to

the Secretary for purposes of receiving notices via mail, electronic mail, or telephone.

Article IV – Meetings

1. Regular meetings–District Committee meetings shall be held monthly, unless altered by a

simple majority of the District Committee during a regular meeting by those present and voting.

2. Sub-committee–The sub-committee shall meet at least once quarterly, or as deemed

appropriate by the deputy chair of the sub-committee, and shall submit a report to the District following

each meeting.

3. Special meetings–May be requested in writing, or by electronic mail, by ten (10) members

of the District Committee or by the Chair, and notice given pursuant to these bylaws.

Such meeting may be conducted in person, as a regular meeting would be, or may be conducted

by phone and/or electronic device if deemed necessary.

4. Quorum–The District Committee shall consist of 50% plus one (1) member, as determined

under Article III Sections 2 and 3.

5. Proxy–Any member of the District Committee may designate in writing (via fax, electronic

device, or letter) a proxy to represent him/her at any meeting of the District Committee. If a member fails

to assign a proxy, the Chair shall do so.

A proxy shall be a registered voter and reside in the 13th Congressional District. Under no

circumstances shall a person have more the one (1) vote.

6. Notice–A written or electronic mail notice of the regular District Committee meeting shall be

sent to each member of the District Committee with the notice of the time, date, and place of the meeting

not less than seven (7) days prior to each meeting.

An electronic mail or telephone notice for a Special Meeting, Article IV, Section 3, shall be given

seven (7) days prior to the meeting; in an emergency a 24 hour notice shall be sufficient.

7. Resolutions–Any resolutions brought before the District Committee must be mailed, or

electronically transmitted, not less than three (3) days prior to the next regular meeting; an exception is

made where there is an emergency or special meeting.

8. Wayne County Republican Committee (WCRC)–The 13th District bylaws supersede the

bylaws of the WCRC. Committee members, as voted on during State Convention, and serving, are required

to attend the first meeting following State convention each two (2) years for the purpose of selection of

the Committee Chairman.

All other meetings of the WCRC are attended on a volunteer basis. The members must meet the

requirements of the District, as defined in Article III, Section 2. The District members elected to the WCRC

committee reserve the right to assign proxies, and no proxy shall be assigned by WCRC.

Article V–Officers

The Officers of the District Committee are the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. The

terms of office shall be two (2) years, commencing upon their election at the odd-numbered State

Convention, concluding when new elections are held, and new officers are installed at the next oddnumbered

State Convention.

Article VI–Duties of the Officers

1. Chair–The duties of the Chair shall be those provided by law, State Party rules and these

bylaws. The duties of the Chair shall also include such other duties not prohibited by law as may be

required by action of the District Committee, including, but not limited to, the following:

A. Presiding at all meetings of the District Committee, and being an ex-officio member of all

other committees.

B. The Chair may create subcommittees and appoint, or remove, subcommittee chairs at

his/her discretion; members to the subcommittee are not required to be members of the District Committee;

action taken by a subcommittee is subject to the approval of the District Committee.

C. Be responsible for the day-to-day affairs of the District; coordinating activities with the

Republican Party organizations within the District; and make expenditures up to $200 without prior approval

of the committee–giving notice of the expenditure at the next regular meeting of the District.

2. Vice-Chair–Shall preside at meetings of the District in the absence of, or at the request of,

the Chair. The Vice-Chair shall perform such duties as requested by the Chair and/or the District Committee.

In the event the Chair is unable to act, the powers and duties of the Chair shall be assumed by the

Vice-Chair until such time as the inability is removed, at which time the Chair shall resume the duties of

the office.

3. Secretary–Shall perform those duties normally assigned to the office of Secretary, including

but not limited to: keeping a permanent record of the minutes and attendance at all meetings; making

them available for inspection by committee members; furnish copies of the minutes to the committee

members; and shall send out notices as required by these bylaws via mail (letter/postcard) or by electronic

mail, as requested by the committee members.

4. Treasurer–Shall have the care and custody of all monies paid to the District, and deposit

those monies in a bank account in the name of the District Committee; shall pay all duly authorized bills;

shall be responsible for the proper filing of all financial reports required by law; keep an accurate record

of all District Committee funds using proper and orderly methods of all receipts and disbursement of

funds; the records shall be open for inspection of the District Committee members; provide to committee

members an accounting of funds at each regular meeting of the District Committee; file all campaign

finance reports, as required by law or the Secretary of State, to the appropriate reporting authority.

The Treasurer shall turn over to the next Treasurer all funds; accounts; and other property pertaining

to the affairs of the District upon leaving office. Disbursements shall be made upon the signature of the

Chair and the Treasurer.

Article VII–Endorsements

The District Committee shall not endorse candidates in contested Republican primaries. This article

does not prohibit, or restrict, the right of any member of the District Committee to personally endorse,

support, or disavow any candidates, without reference to title or office.

Article VIII–Electronic Media and Communications

The District Committee shall make use of any and all electronic means of communication it deems

fit to promote its views and disseminate public information.

1. The ownership of any electronic domain is that of the District Committee. The Chair shall be

listed as the Administrative contact used by the District Committee.

2. No links to off sites will be made without a disclaimer that content on that link is not the

opinion or ideas expressed by the District Committee. A disclaimer of copyright of any blog entry made by

nonmembers, and a disclaimer that the District Committee does not endorse any blog comments made on

its blogs.

3. All email accounts with the District domain are the property of the District Committee and

shall be used only for official business of the committee. All correspondence is subject to review by the

Officers of the District Committee.

4. A webmaster may be suspended by the Chair pending an investigation of violation of the

bylaws or of posting inappropriate materials. Removal of the Webmaster shall be determined by a vote of

2/3 of the District Committee.

5. No member of the District Committee shall express ideas, or opinions on behalf of the District

Committee publicly, without the expressed consent of the District Committee, by 2/3 vote of members

present and voting.

Article IV–Procedure

Robert’s Rules of Order, newly revised, shall govern the District Committee in all cases where said

rules are not in conflict with these bylaws or Michigan Republican State Party rules or bylaws. These

bylaws shall remain in effect until amended by the District Committee. During times of District Caucus or

State Convention of then the Caucus Rules and Convention Rules govern the activists of the District


Article X–Amendment to Bylaws

These bylaws may be amended by 2/3 majority of the District Committee, present and voting,

provided that notice of any proposed amendment shall be furnished to members with the meeting notice

before the next regularly scheduled meeting.

PASSED ON December 7, 2016

– David A. Dudenhoefer, Chairman


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